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Are there any dangers associated with the keto diet?

The keto diet is the most popular diet at the moment with celebrities and athletes saying how it has helped them change their lives. You’re cutting back your carbs, and by doing this you’re putting your body in a metabolic state that allows it to, burn fat for energy, and this is called ketosis. However, there are dangers associated by going on the keto diet that you need to be made aware before you embark on the journey of changing your life and weight for good. You have probably read a lot of articles online wanting to know if there are any dangers by being in ketosis but found a lot of mixed information and not sure what to believe. The good news is that we are going to cover at least six dangers of being in ketosis.

1. Keto Flu When you are on ketosis, you will become sick which usually is vomit or a lot of fatigue; this only lasts for a few days, and there are ways that you can make this easier on yourself. You can lower symptoms of keto flue by staying hydrated and getting a lot of sleep. There are supplements you can take such as magnesium tablets and sodium. The effects will pass over time, but if they get worse, then it’s suggested you seek medical advice as soon as possible.

2. Diarrhea If you’re visiting the toilet quite often, this will be down to lack of fibre that your body is getting. You can help this but eating foods that are rich in fibre (within keto rules thou) or take supplements that will give you the much-needed macros.

3. Lack of performance If you work out or compete in sports, it is recommended that you only use the keto diet to get to the weight you need to be. When you are in ketosis, your body is acidic which has proven to decrease performance based on those athletes who went on a high carb diet.

4. Ketoacidosis Ketoacidosis happens when your body develops too many ketones, and your blood becomes quite acidic. Acidic blood can damage your organs such as liver, kidneys and even your brain. If you are type 2 diabetic, you need to cease the keto diet immediately. You can keep an eye on your keto levels through the use of keto sticks or a breathalyzer.

5. Weight Regain The keto diet should be followed for around three months, followed by a standard healthy diet. The issue here is that people will start to eat a lot of carbs again putting the weight back on. The increase and decrease in your weight can contribute to eating disorders and ultimately have an unhealthy relationship with food.

6. Increase in heart disease The keto diet is primarily made up of vegetables and protein from lean meat, so eating bacon and only bacon needs to disregarded although most people do have success at this. The keto diet is high in fats which can raise cholesterol levels and if you controlled you will increase your risk of heart disease. You now have a quick overview of what dangers there are going on the keto diet, now go and prepare yourself in advance.

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