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Benefits of using MCT oil as part of your diet

MCT oil is a high-fat supplement that you add to your diet to give you an instant energy boost that can last for hours. MCT oil contains triglycerides, which is easily digested and contains many benefits. You can use coconut oil instead as MCT from half the fat contained in coconut oil; the results will still be the same. Many people use MCT oil while on the ketogenic as it creates more ketones which results in the instant boost we mentioned above and there are four types of ketones which are: • Caproic Acid • Caprylic Acid • Capric Acid • Lauric Acid But enough about what MCT oil is, let’s discuss the benefits that come with it.

1. Weight Loss MCT is high in fat which creates ketones that are used as fuel for the body; the body has already depleted its fat stores and by eating healthy fat you creating more ketones which keep you in ketosis. Being in ketosis keeps you in a metabolic state of burning fat for fuel. MCT oil also lines your gut allowing good bacteria to grow which helps support you in losing weight.

2. Instant Energy If you’ve been on the keto diet, then you would have heard of Bullet Proof Coffee which is a mixture of coffee and MCT oil. It provides you with an instant boost of energy and is sometimes used as a meal replacement. MCT is rapidly deployed to the liver and doesn’t need to be digested first. This process creates ketones and gives you an instant boost of energy.

3. Reduce Lactate As you exercise your levels of lactate will increase which causes your workout or competitive sport to become sluggish. A lot of professional sportsman sweat by MCT oil as it helps reduces lactate making it easier to exercise. Another quick tip is that MCT can help you exercise which helps you burn fat for energy which is good as don’t have to rely on carbohydrates as much.

4. Manage Alzheimer’s Disease The disease stops your brain from using sugar which can cause memory loss. MCT oil provides the brain with ketones as an energy source allowing the brain cells to survive. Memory loss is caused by receptors in the brain, and MCT oil blocks those receptors from functioning.

5. Reduces Risk of Heart Disease Heart disease has been a worry for many people for many years. Factors such as smoking, high cholesterol levels and heart disease all contribute to it. Taking MCT oil will help you lose weight thus reducing the risk. Taking MCT as part of your diet lowers LDL cholesterol which is the bad cholesterol and increases the levels of HDL cholesterol which carries the bad cholesterol to the liver. There are many more benefits of MCT oil, but the main one is weight loss. You are less likely to develop chronic diseases and can live a longer and healthier life. MCT oil can at sometimes cause hunger, but all you need to do is take 1 – 2 tablespoons of MCT each day or simple drink Bullet Proof Coffee.


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