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Four ways to know if you are keto-adapted

To become fat-adapted will go through a phase known as keto-flu which happens when you switch from a regular diet to a ketogenic one. If you're brand new to the ketogenic way of eating you may think you are doing everything right but how do you know if your bodies can burn fat. Are you burning ketones or are you burning carbs? How do you know if you are keto-adapted or not? Below are seven ways you can tell if you keto-adapted without spending any money in the process.

1. High Improvement in Energy The first slow few weeks of being on the keto diet, you will experience a lack of energy as your body is adapting to burning fat instead of carbohydrates, this doesn’t long, but you will feel tired and weak. As your body becomes adapted, your metabolism will switch to burning to fat; your blood sugar levels will become healthy and again and you will feel you have enough energy to last you through the day. If you feel you are experiencing more energy and feeling more motivated, then it is likely your body has adapted. 2. Sleeping has Become Easier If you struggle with sleep before you started the keto diet, you will likely find that your sleeping becomes more comfortable over time. Many people who have become keto-adapted experience easier sleep feeling a lot more refreshed and energized. Quick tip thou: Add a little magnesium to your water before bed, and that will help you even further getting a good night's rest. 3. Zero Carb-Cravings If you consumed a lot of sugar before you jumped into the keto diet, you would find the cravings will get less and less over time. The desires are a result of your body needing carbohydrates to burn fat as it is a fast source of energy. If you enjoyed foods like pizza, burgers and sweet treats, it would be difficult to overcome the cravings at first but over time the cravings will get easier, and when the cravings stop altogether, your body will be fat-adapted. On a side note, there are recipes such as fat bombs which are quite delicious. 4. Increase in Endurance Once you become fat-adapted, your body will use fat for energy and will burn fat reserves much quicker. During high endurance activities, your body will burn fat for energy which lasts much as glucose does (Glucose is usually depleted within 1hr). You'll have the ability to maintain your energy levels when fat-adapted as opposed to crashing when on a regular carb diet.

The keto diet isn't a magic source of energy; you need to eat fat to stay in ketosis safely. If you are staying true to yourself and are consistent with eating the right amounts of fat, you will become keto-adapted in no time at all. There is no real need to count macros and calories if you can see yourself losing weight, keep at what you are doing and you will be fine.

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