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How to meal prep on the keto diet?

If you ever wanted to get organized with prepping meals on the ketogenic diet, then you are in the right place. The reason is that you are about to blow away by this is that all we do is get organized. Organizing yourself, your kitchen, and your grocery list will allow you to become more efficient in prepping your meals.

Step 1: Get the right kitchen equipment Many people who are new to the keto diet and looking for an easy prepping solution don’t realize that an ill-equipped kitchen can lead to disaster and stop you from deciding what you want to eat. You will find the following equipment will serve you well for years to come: 1. Cast iron skillet – Putting some money on this is highly recommended as you will be cooking most of your meals on it. They are a safer option and easier to clean than most standard skillets. 2. Knife set – There is no point in going all hand and dandy with an expensive knife set when you can get a high-quality chef’s knife from Amazon. Make sure not to go too cheap as the handles may come loose, and accidents can happen. 3. Blender – If you are a smoothie fan, a well-branded blender will be a great addition to the arsenal of kitchen equipment. 4. Slow cooker – Busy with your life? You can create a nice set and forget meals by throwing everything into one what and enjoying it later. It is also great for making broths. 5. Food containers – Being on the go can be stressful so make sure to buy food containers that you can store food in as you will be making portions.

Step 2: Get standard ingredients New meal preppers think that a dash of coconut oil and a slab of raw meat will be enough to keep you going but have you thought about how long you will on a diet? Grab condiments such as a mixture of spices, nuts, butter, baking powder, keto sweeteners, coconut flour, olive oil as these will make your whole eating experience much more pleasurable.

Step 3: Decide on what you are going to eat The last and final step is looking at what you are going to eat, and most people haven’t got a clue to be honest. However, there are hundreds if not thousands of meal plans and recipes that you can find over the internet for free. Once you have your list of what you are going to eat, it is time to make a shopping list. Take the shopping list and split it into categories, so you are grabbing all the foods you first see in the store. But keep in mind you want to stay away from processed food which is man-made and stick to the wholesome food. And there you have it, a quick three-step system for conquering meal prep on the ketogenic diet and now you know what to do, it is time to go out and do some shopping.


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