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Will the Keto Diet Make Me Fat and Increase Cholesterol?

Gaining weight and having increased cholesterol levels are two misunderstood things about the keto diet. In order to understand the keto diet correctly and why it helps lose weight and lowers your cholesterol, you need to understand what cholesterol is and how the body is burning the excess fat.

Why you won’t get fat.

The keto diet doesn’t make you fat or fills your arteries with mucus that is clogged. Whilst on the keto diet, you will be consuming around 500 calories less you normally consume. This is standard for most diets out there.

You need to lose more calories than you eat in order to see results. As you are below the calorie deficit and on a diet that is high in fat, you will not lose weight. But as you are constantly eating a diet that is high in healthy fats, low in carbs, your body will enter a state known as ketosis.

Your body will begin to burn fat for its energy needs instead of glycogen which is the perfect place to be in. Once that happens, your body will then divert its attention to the fat stores and use that up too. This is why we call it a fat loss and not weight loss.

There are other diets out there such as Atkins and paleo but they don’t put you into a ketosis state. Fat loss on those diets is only achieved through consuming fewer calories and plenty of exercises. The keto diet changes the way your body gets its fuel source and that is why is one of the most powerful diets out there.

How will your cholesterol level improve?

Before we go any further, here is what you need to know right now. Inflammation within the body results in bad cholesterol developing just by eating simple carbs such as processed foods and a good high in sugars. Your body will produce this bad cholesterol to protect its cells.

Don’t go thinking that healthy fats raise your blood cholesterol levels as it doesn’t, you may have heard a trend where the arteries become clogged with hardened plaque, this is a medical condition known as atherosclerosis.

The keto diet is all about eating the right natural fats such as olive coconut oil, bacon, eggs, salmon, mackerel, and avocados.

Each fat that is recommended on the keto diet is natural has many benefits as it supplies nutrients that the body craves. Even our ancestors would have eaten these types of foods. The reason why our ancestors weren’t fat is that there weren’t processed foods and fast-food restaurants.

If you do have high levels of bad cholesterol, you will need to reduce inflammation as a priority. The quickest is getting on the keto diet and eat fatty fish which is high in omega 3. The keto diet is actually the answer to most of the problems people have with high cholesterol. You can stop worrying about losing weight or getting high cholesterol levels.

There are hundreds and thousands of case studies all over the world about people losing weight because of the keto diet and you can be the next case study. Get started today!



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