Free 12 Weeks Perfect Butt Workout guide!! 

What makes a "Perfect" Butt, "Perfect"?

  • Well, aside from looking great in a pair of jeans or at the beach! There are many things a nicely round shaped butt consists of! The big one being that all 3 major muscles of the glutes are trained evenly. Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, and the Gluteus Minimus. These three muscles not only play a vital role in our every day to day life but they also are responsible for giving the butt a nice lift once trained properly! 

  • How fat is deposited throughout the body also has a huge role in how your butt shapes. A butt needs to have a healthy layer of subcutaneous fat (The fat under the skin which we want!) How your fat is stored in the body is due to many reasons such as hormone levels, genetics, bone structure, diet, and your glutes (Butt Muscles) development.

  • A well-developed butt will also have great leg development. Most of the exercises which engage the glutes require some form of leg involvement. This is what shows a clear difference in someone who's undergone a butt surgery vs someone who has worked hard for it. Exercises like squats, wall sits, lunges etc all require your quads and hamstrings to be engaged which will lead to a great pair of legs and a butt to die for! 




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As you can see there is a clear difference between the two. The butt with surgery has zero leg development along with no development of the glutes, mainly in the gluteus minimus which is causing it to look saggy. 


On the right, you can see a butt of someone who trains. You will be able t tell right away the development of the quads and hamstrings. The 3 major parts of the butt also look like they have been trained very well which is giving it a round shape! 

  • Lastly, The Shape of course! Many people don't exactly notice but yes the butt does come in many shapes along with sizes! This is mainly determined by the pelvic along with fat distribution. The butt comes in 4 Different shapes which include Square or H shape, Round as in C or O shape, Heart/Pear, And Inverted, also known as "V" shape. You will be able to read all about this topic in the program!

How do you build the "Perfect" butt?

With Proper exercises of course! Yes, Variety is the key to building a booty! Remember targeting the 3 major muscles of the butt from different angles is very important to get that round shape! Your body also gets used to the exercises so you will need to shake things up in order to keep getting results. In The Perfect Bottom program, We will constantly switch the training method up when the body is least expecting it which will cause it to shock and grow. All 3 months of the program are divided and designed to aim for 3 different goals.

Weeks 1-4/Month 2 - A slow nice introduction to the program which will get your glutes fired and ready for next 12 weeks!

Week 4-8/Month 2- By this time your glutes will start to show size and you'll be stronger on the exercises, at this point you will add resistance bands to your training to take it to next level!

Weeks 8-12/Month 3- By now you're getting compliments and looks from people who can't take their eyes off! You have put on significant size and strength by now which clearly shows!

Eating proper is also another part of putting size and mass to the butt. You have to feed it enough protein, carbs, and fats to grow. It can be easy to forget that your butt is actually made up of powerful muscles! Foods such as Nuts, Tuna, Eggs, Lean Beef, Veggies etc will all help you put on size! The Perfect bottom includes a 12 Weeks meal program which is changed every 2-3 weeks to keep you from getting bored of the foods. You also have the option to email me if you are allergic to any of the food or simply need a substitution for any reason!

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What is included in The Perfect Bottom?

The Perfect Bottom is a 12 Week's butt workout program which is designed to evenly hit all 3 major muscles of the glutes to sculpt a perfectly round butt! No matter your current shape, size, weight or exercise experience! This book includes:


  • A 12 Week exercise program which can be done at home! You will be introduced to new exercises every month to keep yourself challenged! 


  • The exercise program will also change every month to keep your butt guessing and growing! 


  • Illustration and instructions for every single exercise in the program!

  • A Proper warm up technique!


  • A 12 Week simple and easy meal plan consisting of foods high in protein and fats to add size to just the right places! 


  • The meal plan will be changed every other week to keep you from getting bored of same foods. 


  • Recommended supplements list so you don't have to go out and waste money and time on useless supplements!


  • A Chapter on the anatomy of the butt! Learn about muscles, bones, different butt shapes and much more! 

What are people saying about The Perfect Bottom Program

"I was selected to try out the first month of this program and I can honestly say that it delivers what it says, you will feel sore after the first couple of workouts which is always good and you will see a clear difference after even a month. This is a must try program if you want a big ass!"  -Jen N

"I'm a male and I've been a client of Lions fitness for over 6 months and progress does take time but my focus when starting my fitness journey was to build a bigger butt. This program is based on what was given to me so I know it works! The progress shows." Mark 

"I'm very impressed with this program and the progress it has given me! I enjoyed the pain of my butt being on fire during the workouts and sore the next day, I knew I was doing something right. I recommend everyone to try this program if you're serious about bringing up your butt." -Kelly

"I was 68 kg at 177cm when I first started this program and I had no meat on me. This program had a really good meal plan and easy training which I did at home after my classes. It was really easy to stick to because the exercises are very simple but very effective, you will feel your butt sore after every workout trust me! I will always recommend this program to anyone who wants a booty!" -James H

Are you ready to get started on your booty? 

It's your turn to build the sexy firm butt you've always dreamed of! This book will not only teach you about the current shape of your butt, muscles that make up the butt, different bones structures but also what you need to do on achieving your goal in just 90 days! Simple and easy to do exercises at home that will target all 3 major parts of the glutes from different angels, target different goals every month with a changing exercise routine, Meal plans which are designed to pack size in the buns with the right amount of protein, carbs, and fats, and so much more! So get ready to push those tight jeans to their absolute limit! Order Now!