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What We Offer

What you can expect from LionFitness training! 


It is our Personal Trainer's job to teach our clients proper ways to train and eat to achieve the results they want. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the proper education on portion control and the nutritional value of food so the results they achieve, last a lifetime! 

- We at LionFitness pride ourselves in setting standards by which all fitness professionals should be measured 


- Our trainers have a passion and love for the health and fitness industry


- We commit ourselves to helping our clients achieve their fitness and health goals all over the world



What We Offer

We offer training, diet, supplementation, and much more for our clients to reach their goals. Every single detail that we build the program with is tailored around our client's body, goal, lifestyle, etc.,  so the results are guaranteed! The training program is built around how you want to look and how your body works. Also, every exercise that we give will be according to the equipment that you have access to because we know that not everyone has access to a gym. We are more than happy to provide exercise equipment if needed.


Your training routine also gets reported back to us. Your workouts are delivered on an app via your smartphone, and whatever you do for the day is inputted into the app, and gets collected into our software for us to track. We make changes according to your progress so that you are less likely to plateau and are always a step closer to your goal.


The diet is created around your body's needs, For example, if you have high sodium or high cholesterol, we will create a plan to help balance things out so your body is utilizing everything you consume. We record every detail that we need in order to build you a diet program that fits your needs. You will get caloric intake, carb intake, protein, etc. We'll teach you how to eat properly as we train, so even once you are done with our coaching, you could still carry on a healthy lifestyle.daily recommended

What Is LionFitness About?


A structured, customized and comprehensive plan designed to help you reach your body goals


Expert advice and tips to add support every step of the way, from training and technique to diet and recovery.


The little things that experts do that have the biggest impact on training, nutrition and recovery to make sure you continue 


Teaching you the nutritional value of food and portion control so you don't have to stick to boring meal plans and are able to enjoy life. 


Encouragement and support from coach ensuring that you stay on track and get the most out of the program

Progress Tracking

Weekly weigh ins along with regular check ins to make sure you are progressing and getting closer to your goals. 


  • Want to get into a fitness program but don't know where to start

  • Need accountability from a coach 

  • Are tired of wasting time hopping from program to program

  • Have suffered or are currently suffering from emotional eating

  • Would benefit from guidance from expert nutritionist

  • Want to improve mobility and body functionality

  • Want to improve sex life and self-esteem

  • Need to get in shape for a special occasion 

  • Are ready to take the final step to change their life

What Makes LionFitness Different?


What makes a good program is sticking to it. Most programs mistakenly assume way too many things about you.

They assume:

  • You are 100% dedicated all the time and have no job, family or other hobbies

  • You know how/what to eat to get the results you want

  • You understand when and how to recover from training

  • Nothing will occur in your life that would interfere with training

We get it – things come up, Life happens. We’ve developed a comprehensive system of accountability paired with a training guide that allows you to see the best results, while still being able to live your life.




  • Logical progression structured specifically for your goals

  • Guidance and support through expert coach.

  • Teaches you how to train and eat properly so that you can maintain the body you build

  • Removes all guesswork by providing a comprehensive program

What do you get?

  • Movement and Performance Assessment (normally $50)

  • Individualized program designed to reach your goals quickly and efficiently (normally $299)

  • Our Simple Nutrition diet with help customizing the plan for your goals (normally $50)

  • A mobile phone app to get your workouts on the go

  • Access to an extensive video database of movements and exercises

  • Unlimited email support from us

  • Weekly check-ins

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