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Since I was a teen, I have had the desire to look like one of the models in Men’s Health magazine. I was mesmerized by them so much, that during my 8th grade year, I forced my parents to take me to Sports Authority, where I bought my first set of dumbbells and a barbell.

I started off with basic exercises, such as bicep curls and overhead extensions. Unfortunately, I could not stick to working out regularly because I played other sports, such as track, wrestling and soccer. I wanted to play professional soccer at the time, that was my main goal and focus. Despite that, I tried to keep myself on a routine, but could never stick to one.


I was 20 years old at the time. I remember feeling very uncomfortable, lacked confidence in myself because I felt small, weak and was unhappy with my body. I knew then, that I needed a big change.


I started reading articles online. I bought magazines, books and as many resources as I could find. I started to shore up and improve my training and diet. When the results started coming, that was when I really got motivated. I started off at 130 pounds and went up to 150 pounds five months later! It was the first time in my life that i ever got to that weight and that gave me so much more confidence and positive energy.


I saw the size and fullness in my arms and from that point on I gave it my all! I worked crazy long shifts at a work at the time, but the 12 to 18-hour shifts never stopped me from wanting to train. I was cooking my own meals, watching and tracking what I ate. The feeling of progress and results was and still is the best feeling to me. I started learning more and more as the years went on. I made progress every year that I continued and that prompted me to set bigger goals for myself.


I then decided to get certified in personal training and helping others achieve what I have because I know it’s not easy and having someone by you side helps tremendously. I went to American Academy of Personal training to get certified as a trainer and then went to ISSA to get certified as a sports nutritionist.



I bring this same motivation and ethic to the table for my clients. I realize that being a personal trainer means more than providing information or encouragement.  I am blessed to be able to have helped 1000s of people become healthy and happy with themselves and I look forward to helping many more in the future. I take your goals and passion to heart and works tirelessly with you to achieve your goals.

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