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Earn Up to 90% On Each Sale!!

How Much Can You Make?

$399 for 25 Sales at 80% Commission

$1,799 for 100 Sales at 90% Commission

$849 for 50 Sales at 85% Commission

$3,598 for 200 Sales at 90% Commission

The Health & Weight Loss industry has 10 Million - 100 Million searches Per Month! Making These Sales Will Be Easy!!

Dear affiliate marketer,


We're Personally inviting you to work with us! Starting commission for all products are at 80%! Once you've reached 25 sales, we will bump it up to 85% and then 90 % once you've surpassed 50 sales! 


If there's one thing we know from being in the fitness industry for the last 4 years, it's that clients/customers want programs that will change their life. We have done nothing but provided that through our service. 


Every day people wake up wanting to better their health, body, and mind. The Fitness niche is HUGE with 10 Million to 100 Million searches a week! 



The options you will have as a marketer are huge with facebook, Instagram, email marketing, etc! This is like fishing with dynamite! Upon becoming our affiliate, you will also receive monthly E-mails that will help you with promoting! Click below to get started!




Our Prodcuts

The Perfect Bottom

The Perfect Bottom is a 12 Week's butt workout program which is designed to evenly hit all 3 major muscles of the glutes to sculpt a perfectly round butt! No matter your current shape, size, weight or exercise experience!

A New Lifestyle


Learn how to eat properly without dieting or juicing. A PDF book was written to help people looking to learn nutrition. This book is designed to help with mental clarity, improve health,  boost immunity, and so much more!

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