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Our personal training comes ready to inspire, and based on your needs, we will help you connect with a trainer that motivates you to go above and beyond your set goals.  By building a relationship with clients, our trainers are successful in helping to achieve long-term, life-changing results.

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What Is Included

One Hour Training Session
Personalized Diet Plan
Accountability & Support
Access To The Lionfitness App
Each session is an hour to hour and a half long. At any location of your choosing: Gym, Home, Park, etc. 
Each session will start with a warmup and stretches following a workout plan that your trainer has designed for you, finishing off with a cool down. 
You will also receive a personalized diet plan. The diet plan is created around your goals, body, and lifestyle. The foods given will also be of your choice. 
As we progress, we will apply different methods (Keto, low carb/ high fat, etc) to make your body guess, so you're constantly seeing results!
Have any questions? Feeling unmotivated? Unsure of what to eat when you're out? Not a problem! 
You will be able to contact us anytime through call, text, email, WhatsApp or through the Lionfitness app!
Your progress is constantly tracked through our app, from what weights you lift to reps.
You will be able to access your personal charts and graphs. This will allow you to see how you're progressing, throughout the process. You will also have the ability to message your trainer when you have a question.


Congratulations on taking the first step in reaching your goals! Please click below to book your first session! Our pricing varies on how far we travel and the number of sessions you're interested in. If you would like to inquire about pricing and consultation then please fill out the form below before proceeding. 

Pricing & Consultation

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