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Build muscle
Lose Weight
Lose Weight
Eat better
eat better

If you've been skinny all your life and want to put on some muscle mass then this is the program for you! 

No more suffering and starving yourself to lose weight. It's time to lose the weight you want off once and for all! 

While many experts will say there is no such thing as "toning" and it's simply a myth, we at LionFitness know exactly what you are referring to.

Our Nutritional Coaching is a program for people who are looking to improve their health and much more by fixing up their diet. 

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"Starting my fitness journey with Lions fitness was easily one of the best choices I've made! I was on the edge of obesity, I was feeling uncomfortable, unattractive. I hated myself physically so I decided to start training, it took me half a year and it was a success, I'm now feeling excellent, but we should always remember that it is always the beginning of a healthy and new lifestyle."  


                                                 -Ronald Mendez


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Our personal trainers conduct a fitness consultation with every client and do a thorough assessment and evaluation to develop a customized fitness and nutrition program. Every personal training package includes a comprehensive Fitness Consultation evaluating, assessing, and identifying your goals, medical history, diet, body composition, posture, and much more. This is one of the most important parts of the personal training process. Without being able to identify what limitations you currently have or have encountered in the past, it’s extremely difficult to create solutions and overcome obstacles that are and will continue to keep you from reaching your health and fitness goal(s).

Fitness Consultation Includes​

  • Short Medical Questionnaire

  • Short and Long Term Goal Assessment

  • Meal Planning and Nutritional Guidance

  • Custom Exercise Program Designed to Your Specific Fitness Goals

  • Body Composition (Circumference, Weight, Body Fat Percentage) Measurements

  • Postural Assessment

  • Review of Corrective Stretching/Foam Roll Techniques​

Free consultation

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Cutting carbs can have impressive benefits.


It has been shown to cause a significant reduction in hunger levels.


This tends to lead to “automatic” weight loss, without the need for calorie counting.


At least 23 studies have shown that low-carb diets generally cause more weight loss than low-fat diets, sometimes up to 2-3 times more.

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Boost Immunity

Pack your body with natures most powerful superfoods, loaded with vitamins and minerals to help boost immunity.

Mental Clarity

Feel incredible energy  and better focus. PLUS Boost your brain power.

Reduce Stress

Balance hormones already within normal range and relieve you from frustrations and stress.

Improve Health

Provides your body with healthy nutrients such as the electrolytes in coconut water.

Exercise plans developed around your schedule, your goals & experience level to ensure a fun and comfortable experience!

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