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Five Unexpected Benefits of Keto

The ketogenic diet has been debatable for many years. Some folks assert that the ketogenic diet raises cholesterol and causes cardiovascular disease because of its high-fat content. However, in most scientific studies, low-carb diets have proven time and time again to be healthy and helpful. While most people including celebrities and sports personalities swear by the keto diet as a form of weight loss, other benefits come with it. Below we discuss five benefits of the ketogenic diet:

1. Reduction in appetite

When anyone is on a diet, the worst thing that they experience is hunger due to the stomach adapting to less food and shrinking in the process. The results of hunger in most people giving up on their diets altogether. As carbohydrates are cut from your diet, you will consume fewer calories which cause your appetite to reduce.

2. Higher focus

Your blood sugar levels are rising and fall when you eat a lot of carbohydrates. As this source of energy isn’t stable, you begin to struggle to focus on simple tasks. The great thing about the ketogenic diet is that you are consuming fewer carbs and your body by creating ketones to use as energy. This energy is more stable and allows you to focus for more extended periods. Studies had shown that those who were in ketosis noticed the difference in focus when they started eating carbohydrates again.

3. Increase in HDL cholesterol

A lot of people get scared when they hear their cholesterol has risen, but what they forget to see is that HDL cholesterol is, in fact, good for you. HDL is the cholesterol that can travel through your body and take the bad cholesterol (LDL) with it. LDL moves away from the liver causing fatty deposits. A doctor can take blood samples before and after to see if there has been a change in cholesterol levels.

Maintaining equal amounts of LDL and HDL will keep you in the recommended levels, and if you don’t see a difference, there may be other issues. 4. Fasting becomes easy

The quickest way to achieve ketosis is fasting, and people who have a high-carb diet will struggle to go without carbohydrates for an extended period. This period varies depending on which fasting protocol has been chosen, but most people usually go for the 16/8 fast. You fast for 16hrs and eat during an 8hr period.

5. Epilepsy

Those who have epilepsy have successfully seen much fewer attacks when being on the keto diet. Since 1921 the keto diet has been used to treat children with consistent attacks. Children who had tests have reported that they are more aware, more responsive, and highly alert.

There are many ways the keto diet can improve your health and lifestyle. The five benefits above are just a sample of what is possible with the keto diet. There are thousands upon thousands of case studies all over the internet praising it. You only have one shot at life, make the keto diet a part of it.

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